Belts and Buckles

Memoribilia of the 60s in 2016.

Flashback to the Woodstock era as flower painted Kombi huffed and puffed and pulled up to Off the Track Bizarre. And out came the tables and the display stands and then finally the long awaited products. Leather belts handmade by Rod the old Cape Town prints, laces and cords, vintage stays and other objets d’arte.

And then displayed under glass, were boxes of buckles. Tray after tray of buckles with every emblem that you can imagine. Harley Davidson, Smith  & Weston, horses, lions and other power animals. Marilyn Monroe and other branded names of those long departed can be found amongst these collectibles.

Memory of wondering through Long Street looking for that rarity.

Rod has only just moved into the Overstrand area and as he said when he packed up. “Thank you. I now have money to put food on the table, and I will be back next week.

So to all of you who supported Rod, when you see that Kombi on the road, know that you played a part in putting him on the track.