Going a-head with Beanies

Beanies for Charity.

Joy is the strong wish that everyone experiences happiness. Joy is the gift of giving. Joy is the delight in seeing a daughter being selected for the Riebeek Vallei Netball Invitational Team. In this joy a mother decides to knit beanies so that the team can have the funds to travel to England in December to pit their skills against some of England’s best U/13 netball teams.

Juanine is joy. Her beauty and spirit is found in every beanie. The initial idea was that beanies  would be bought for underprivileged children. Well, one look at the beanies and we realized we were all underprivileged children. We bought them for ourselves as well as others. Juanine is knitting around the clock to keep up with the orders.

Even Mini-Mart in Pringle Bay is selling them for Juanine. I know that with all the support, there will be sufficient funds to see the team off to England. Whether they win or lose is immaterial, Victory is in the stitch. The beanies and generosity of Juanine is the winning spirit.

For us at Off the Track, the joy is in giving Juanine the opportunity to teach us all how we can come together, work together, support each other, encourage each other and win the trophy through using an unending yarn of love.

Let all things be done with Charity.

beanies for charity