Tari's Zoo

Wood carvings on track

Tari’s woodwork wonders. If ever one wished to escape into the enchanted world of childhood then a must have is a carving by Tari. A block of work is meticulously transformed into a life-like replica of nature’s breathing creations. Rabbits, tortoises, owls and the repertoire of other magical creatures seek refuge under giant toadstools as […]


Ronell is on track

Shells pearls and gifts of mother nature Located in the hub of Pringle Bay, at Off the Track Bizarre, you will find Ronell who hails from Betty’s Bay. Her jovial personality and loving heart draws everyone to her table where they discover that her jewellery and artistic creations are a lure for anyone who wants to treat […]


Hats by Dirk and Marianne

Hats Hats Hats And all the way from Stanford, Dirk and Marianne arrived at Off the Track Bizarre with their supply of hats for every occasion. Dirk and Marianne’s charm and warm personalities matched those of the the other traders at Off the Track Bizarre. One, two, three…. and the delightful hats were sold.  Many, many […]