Ronell is on track

Shells pearls and gifts of mother nature

Located in the hub of Pringle Bay, at Off the Track Bizarre, you will find Ronell who hails from Betty’s Bay. Her jovial personality and loving heart draws everyone to her table where they discover that her jewellery and artistic creations are a lure for anyone who wants to treat themselves or anyone else to that special gift. Each item is beautifully displayed, and carries within it an aura of light.

Ronell’s flair for discovering the offerings presented by mother nature and turning them into extraordinary creations exceeds the bewilderment of the ordinary imagination. Each item encapsulates a deep expression of love, grace and gratitude. Pearls, lava, sea shells and precious stones are only a few of the elements used to create so much more than the average item of jewellery. Hold any of her treasures in your palm and feel the energy of love coursing through your veins.

Jewellery is only one aspect of Ronell’s multi-dimensional array of products. Hand crafted candelabras, unique items created from wood or resin, stone or bone. The list is infinite and we all await in anticipation to discover which new wealth of blessings we shall find on Ronell’s table at Off the Track Bizarre.

Promoting skills training and launching Crafters is one of various charitable tasks that is offered by Off the Track. Everyone is welcome to join us along the track at our bizarre where we will help you get on track with your venture. And to assist you in your dream, the cherry on the top is that there are no costs involved. All you have to do is contact us and book your spot and hopefully you too will be added to our list of featured traders.