Sonja’s scarves, shawls and ponchos

You’d be Suprised – Some Like it Hot – She Acts Like a Woman Should.

Sonja is a regular trader at Off the Track Bizarre and as you can see from the introduction to this post, Sonja is a keen admirer of Marilyn Monroe.

Sonja has mastered the art of knitting scarves, shawls and ponchos for adults and children in any chosen colour and size. Besides her knitwear, she also has that pleasant surprise or three or four on her table which are always grabbed up as a gift.

Charismatic and friendly nobody can walk past Sonja without been drawn to her table and walking away without buying something. Her decorative flair and presentation is in itself a statement.

With Sonja at the Bizarre there is always fun. Knitting needles click and clack and produce their own rhythm and Sonja never seems to miss a stitch. She smiles and laughs and talks to the passers-by and all find her irresistible. Indeed, she is one of a kind and her presence fuels the Bizarre with a fun loving energy.

So if you are in need of keeping out the cold and joining Sonja with her smile then visit her at Off the Track Bizarre on Saturday.