Wood carvings on track

Tari’s woodwork wonders.

If ever one wished to escape into the enchanted world of childhood then a must have is a carving by Tari. A block of work is meticulously transformed into a life-like replica of nature’s breathing creations.

Rabbits, tortoises, owls and the repertoire of other magical creatures seek refuge under giant toadstools as they wait in line ready to be bought by enthralled onlookers. It is almost like being at an animal welfare where every dog says “Please buy me.” So it is with Tari’s carvings. Irresistable.

Since each figure is hand carved, with attention to detail, there are no two that are alike. The hours of dedication that goes into each labour of love is in itself a testament to the very nature of Tari himself. He brought as much joy to the other traders at Off the Track Bizarre as he did to all those fortunate enough to purchase his carvings.

We at Off the Track say thank you to Tari for having faith in us to launch his career by providing him with a spot to trade  his woodwork wonders, free of charge, at our established Saturday market.

Tari is now a regular trader and if anyone is interested in purchasing his products then please contact us.

 Tari's Zoo